At the end of myself

I’m empty and dry

I have nothing to give

But surrender inside

Let down your nets

This is not the end

From now on, you’ll be

Fishers of men


Follow Me [x4]


At the end of myself

Judgment calls out my name

Ive been looking for love

But I’m swallowed by shame

Throw away all your stones

Find forgiveness in Me

Let Me be your new passion

My daughter, you’re free


Follow Me [x4]


At the end of myself

Ive done things my own way

This world gave up on me

Now its death I do pay

You know who I am

I’m sins sacrifice

Today you will be

In paradise


Follow Me [x4]


Who is this man who calmed the seas

And who is this man who loves the least of these


I am the promised One

God gave His only Son

And those who believe

Will live eternally


At the end of yourself, just follow Me

When you lose everything, just follow Me

I will give you new life, just follow Me

Follow Me [x2]